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    DX 3000 USB
    Professional 7Ch USB DJ Mixer


DX 3000 USB
Professional 7Ch USB DJ Mixer


Welcome to the DX3000USB – A Professional 7-Channel DJ Mixer with USB audio interface.


7 Channels and everything
The DX3000USB provide 7 channels including 5 dual stereo inputs and 2 mono mic. It is supports most kinds of different audio source. No matter turntables, CD players, microphones…etc, you can connect to the DX3000USB. Each channel of DX3000USB is equipped with a 100mm long-wearing fader. And a fader curve switch on the 5 stereo channels for 3 different curve settings (Sharp/ Mid/ Soft). The crossfader curve is also adjustable in the DX3000USB. It fits all kind of mixing style.


Multiple outputs and Golden terminals
For the DJ in need of mammoth bass, the DX3000USB features an XLR subwoofer output (perfect for connecting to an active subwoofer) with adjustable Crossover Frequency dial and Level control. The Main Output section offers RCA and XLR stereo outputs, as well as ¼" inputs for connection to outboard FX units. It also features RCA outputs for recording your set, two Monitor/Zone Output sections RCA outputs. All connectors are golden plated.


USB Integrated and DJ Software included
The integrated USB connection also allows you to connect the DX3000USB to a Mac or a PC for playback from your computer or record your mix into your computer. World famous DJ Software Traktor 3LE and Deckadance LE also included.




  • Professional, 7 Channel, ultra-low noise DJ mixer

  • 45-mm crossfader with adjustable curve

  • Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file

  • 5 dual stereo inputs plus 2 mono mic/line channels with mic preamps and Gain control

  • Long-wearing 100-mm faders and sealed rotary controls on all input channels

  • Headphone output with Level and Balance (PFL/Main) controls and switchable split mode

  • Main Out, Sub Out, 2 Zone outputs for secomnd room/area

  • Golden terminals



Q: What is Subwoofer output?
A: Is output for connecting to an active subwoofer


Q: What is FXSend/return?
A: For Rutes the channel to the FX SEND and RETURN so you can add outboard effects.


Q: Does this work with Mac or PC?
A: DX3000usb works with Mac and PC.


Q: Is possible adjust crosssfader curve?
A: Yes is 45-mm crossfader with adjustable curve


Q: How many output?
A: Dx3000usb have Main Out, Sub Out, 2 Zone outputs for second room/area


Q: Is included Dj software?
A: Yes, 2 DJ Software ,Traktor 3LE and Deckadance LE also included.


Q: Questions not listed here?
A: Simply send us an e-mail at:, we will reply you soon.



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