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    2CH all-purpose mixer with USB


2CH all-purpose mixer with USB


M-10USB Small Size, Big Features, Compact price

M-10USB is a compact, two-channel DJ mixer that is perfect for any DJ who needs to take maximum advantage of limited space. You can plug in turntables, CD players, and any other line-level or phono-level music source, as well as a microphone.


The included Amplink USB Audio cable equips the mixer with USB connectivity. Just plug the cable and install the Deckadnace LE DJ software , you can enjoy playing music from computer and mix with M-10USB.


You can set the level of each channel of M-10USB with trim and line faders, and then tailor the 3 band Frequencies: high, mid and low with the rotary EQs on each channel. Preview using the cue rotary fader and headphones output, and then mix with the replaceable crossfader.


Thanks to the FADER START connection, you can connect your CD or Media player with the same standard.


All Level will be under control with the 3 independent level meters for the 2 Channel Input, and the Master Output.


M-10USB has all the features you need to get maximum performance out of minimum space.





  • Two-Channel rack-mountable mixer with USB

  • Amplink USB Cable included for playing from computer

  • Two pairs of Phono/ Line inputs

  • 3-Band EQ per channel

  • Individual level meter for CH1, CH2 and Master

  • Fader Start

  • 6.35mm jack microphone input and 6.35mm jack headphones output

  • Deckadance LE Software included



Q: Does Amplink USB Cable work with Mac or PC?
A: Yes, works with Mac and PC.

Q: Can an iPod be connect to Line and played?
A: Yes. In this case, use a separately sold RCA-to-miniplug converter cable.

Q: Does M-10USB have a mic input?
A: Yes.

Q: Does M-10USB have a Fader start?
A: Yes, work with compatible Player.

Q: Questions not listed here?
A: Simply send us an e-mail at:, we will reply you soon.



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