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    Poket DJ Duo
    USB DJ Controller with Integrated Soundcard


Poket DJ Duo
USB DJ Controller with Integrated Soundcard


Welcome to the Poket DJ Duo – the easiest way to become a DJ.


The Poket DJ Duo is perfect for anyone who wants to become a DJ. It is the ultimate portable USB controller that you can play anywhere. Setup is simple. Plug it to your computer, install the included Deckadance LE DJ software, connect your speakers and headphones, and you are ready to DJ!


The built-in audio interface of the Poket DJ Duo lets you connect your master output and monitoring headphones output directly to the controller. Enjoy crystal clear sound without the need of an external audio interface or soundcard.


The Poket DJ Duo is compact but contains all the major functions needed for DJing. Apart from the normal transport and volume controls, its mini jog wheels can be used to control the pitch bend, quick search, scratch, EQ, and FX parameter controls. The 3 multi-function buttons can be used to trigger the hot cues, autoloop function, samples playback.


The Poket DJ Duo comes with 1000 sample sounds from Deckadance LE. You can play and drum directly from the controller.. Decakdance LE includes the automatic beat matching function and the corresponding Beatmatch Counter will show you where you are in the mix.


The Poket DJ Duo integrated all the needed DJ functionality into one piece of hardware. It’s the perfect device for the aspiring DJ!




  • USB DJ controller with integrated soudcard

  • High-quality 16-Bit @44.1kHz sound interface

  • Master output and headphone output

  • Two high definition jog wheels

  • Pitch, Scratch, Search, FX, and EQ Control

  • Multi-function buttons for autoloop, hot cues, and sampler

  • Beatmatch counter for each deck

  • DJ software included: Deckadance LE


  • Resolution: 16-Bit

  • Sampling rate: 44.1/ 48kHz

  • Line Output Level: 0.9V (Typ)

  • Phones Output Level: 1.3V (Typ)

  • THD+N (Line): 0.02% (Typ)

  • S/N Ratio (Line): 90dB (Typ)

  • Dimensions: 260mm (W) X 110mm (D) X 32mm (H)

  • Weight: 0.435kg


Q: Does this work with Mac or PC?
A: POKET DJ works with Mac and PC.

Q: There is software included?
A: Yes, Deckadance LE.

Q: Which is the sampling rate of sound card built-in?
A: Sampling rate is 44.1/ 48kHz

Q: What other software can I control with this unit?
A: POKET DJ uses MIDI so it is compatible with all DJ software with MIDI function. Check your favorite software to see what its MIDI capabilities are.

Q: Is possible Play from iTunes Library?
A: Yes, Deckadance LE can browse into iTunes Library.

Q: Questions not listed here?
A: Simply send us an e-mail at:, we will reply you soon.



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