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Audio Encoder
Universal Audio Encoder USB Direct RECORDING

AUDIO ENCODER allows you easily encode any audio sources in MP3, directly to your USB mass storage device: pen drive or hard disk.

Just connect any tape, mixer,turntable or any line-level audio to AUDIO ENCODER, plug your pen drive, and PRESS RECORD to get great stereo recording. AUDIO ENCODER
offers studio quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio with its internal high resolution analog-to-digital conversion system.

The Input and clip level will let you monitor the proper gain to optimize your take.

AUDIO ENCODER includes MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Se for PC and Audacity for Mac/PC, which help you import your music, but also clean and optimize your sound quality. That is
also possible to transfer into iTunes in a snap.




  • Encode analog audio to MP3 without the need of computer.

  • Super compact size: 148(W) x 28(H) 53(D) mm

  • Support up to 32GB USB drive.

  • Easy to use: 1. Plug your USB 2. Connect your audio 3. Press to record

  • RCA stereo Input, selectable Phono/Line level

  • Adjustable recording level with CLIP indicator

  • THRU output

  • Aluminium Hot Stamping finishing

  • Resolution: Stereo, 44.1kHz, 256kbps

  • Weight: 137g (excluding adaptor)

  • Included 2 Encoding Software : Magix Audio Cleaning lab + AUDACITY

  • Power Supply Adaptor Included



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